Jewelry Care

+Keep it dry— water + metal = oxidization.

+Avoid exposing jewelry to sweat and chemicals like perfumes, lotions, cleaning agents, chlorine, and saltwater. Prolonged/repeated contact with water or chemicals may cause oxidation of the metal.

+Be mindful with your jewelry, and avoid bending/excessive

+Avoid storing in direct sunlight or humid places (bathroom/car), and
consider storing in an air tight container.

+Remove jewelry before sleeping, showering, swimming, or exercising. Take off rings before washing hands.

+Use a polishing cloth or microfiber cloth when you notice your piece begins to dull. A light tarnish will be easy to remove. To remove heavier tarnish; use a soft, clean toothbrush with warm soapy water and gently scrub the piece. Make sure to thoroughly dry the piece with a towel or soft cloth

+All copper pieces are sealed in a clear matte acrylic sealer. This sealant is not permanent. Unsealed jewelry will oxidize over time, and in some cases, can turn your skin green. This is completely harmless and is just a chemical reaction between the oils on your skin and the metal. You can leave it as is or you can re-seal, as needed, with clear nail polish or a spray acrylic sealer like protectaclear or modge podge.